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The Exodus House

What may look like an orphanage to some is actually a home birthed from a place of prayer, faith, and obedience. What originally started as a safe place for women escaping Voodoo, is now a place for babies and children to lay their head at night. 

This is not a place of lost children with holes in their heart.

This is a home to confident Sons & Daughters of Benin, Africa full of Joy and Hope. 

This is Exodus House.


Get to Know Us

Exodus House was never intended to be a home for orphans... it was originally created to be a home for women escaping the voodoo religion and all the requirements. Coming from that life herself is what sparked Pulcherie Boko to create the home.

But when the women came, so did their children.

Before she knew it, there was more children than women... and they just kept coming.

Pulcherie needed land to home them all, and as always Abba came through. On December 24th 2004, Exodus House was officially birthed. 



The vision of Exodus House is the reality of Exodus House. We take children who were once orphans, bring them into a home, love them until they're whole, and aid them with every opportunity to succeed. All of the children go to school, learn English and are taught  trades. The children have every opportunity to thrive in life. Whatever dreams they have set within their hearts to accomplish, the skills are handed to them to achieve it.  Above all, they learn that they are whole in Christ and are fully alive in beloved identity.


Our Team.

The team of Exodus House consists of Mama Pulcherie Boko with sons and daughters who were raised in the home and are now apart of her staff. 

" I do not have orphanage,
I only have a home"
- Pulcherie Boko
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