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Image by Hans Eiskonen

the catfish project.

Our goal of 16 tanks will provide enough self-generated funds for all of the children, youth, and young adults to graduate their respective grades, including college tuition for each year. The fish provide a supplemental diet for 135 children and 20 on staff who live at the Exodus House. Please watch the video, read, and consider sponsoring the project.

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the numbers.

It starts with one 1500gal. tank - cost // $800 U.S.

Delivery of tank to farm - cost // $150 U.S.

Purchase 500 catfish - cost // $100 U.S.

Food for 500 catfish for 6 months - cost - // $300 us

Currently, we have 8 tanks, and the goal is 8 more tanks asap.


-Total cost for 1 tank first 6 months - $1,350 U.S.

-Total cost for same tank second 6 months- $400 U.S.

-Total cost for 1 tank for 1 year $1,750 U.S.

-Total for all 8 tanks for 1 year $14,000 U.S.

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